The “Buts” of Comparison – #LiveFreeThursday with Suzanne Eller

Crack kills—everyone knows that. And most people know they shouldn’t do drugs. But in our blogging/writer community, drugs are not our greatest enemy. Instead, it is the dark horse lurking about seeking to devour anyone who will turn their attention his way. His name? Comparison. And left unrestrained, I submit to you: COMPARISON KILLS. Comparison […]

Cast Away Control – Trust the God in Control

“I had power over nothing. “ These angst laden words fell from the lips of “Chuck,” a fictitious character played by Tom Hanks in the movie “Cast Away.” So even though he was being “real’ it wasn’t actually real—but none-the-less—what a realization. Imagine coming to the end of yourself with nothing on the other side […]

Shining the Light in the Face of Change #LiveFreeThursday

It takes courage to change—real God-centered change where growth happens requires being stripped naked to the core of our very being. Spiritual change evolves from vulnerability. And for some, vulnerability can show up in the simplest of tasks. Even sex, a task meant for expressing love in its deepest form. I’d rather be buried alive […]