Healing the Broken Bedroom Friday


Hey guys!

Here’s A video for you!

I only tried it once so this is raw and uncut with awkward pauses and jumbled words. Lol

What can I say?

This is the real me!!

Anyway, comment with ideas on how we can show love to our spouses this weekend and…well, FOREVER.

Happy Friday!

2 thoughts on “Healing the Broken Bedroom Friday

  1. So I’m not married but I’m always thinking of things that I would love to do for my husband and things I’d want him to do for me if I ever do get married…I guess I think in terms of daily activity a lot. When you’re single like me it’s easy for me to think, “I kinda wish I had a husband around to cook for,” or “If I was with someone, he could go to this event with me,” or “I sure wish someone could cheer me on during this race I’m running.” I’ve always been independent (which I’m realizing now is not exactly a good thing) so I’m used to doing things solo. But now, as I age, I can see the benefit to sharing a life with someone.

    I always think of it in terms of support. I am craving someone to support, not just with words like “Good job honey!” 😉 But more so with action and sacrifice. Like if I had a husband who loved something I didn’t, like a certain food or a sport or a hobby. Maybe I don’t love it as much as him but by taking at least an interest in it would show him that I care. And vise versa.
    Granted that’s not the intimacy you were probably referencing in your vlog, but I just think support goes a long way in ANY relationship, but especially marriage.
    Intimacy doesn’t always have to mean being physical, as you pointed out. But as women, I think we get more “turned on” when we see a man cleaning the dishes than taking his shirt off, ha!


    • Actually, that is exactly what I was referencing to. And it all contributes to those deeply personal and physical moments when the opportunity comes.

      No one can spend all day, everyday in the bedroom. I see that play out in my relationship with the Lord, too. We have times and seasons where we go deeper with our intimacy with the Lord. Then there are Other times we experience the common day-to-day living with Him.

      The examples you gave are great! 😊


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