Need a Guest Speaker or Writer? YES please!



Hi, I am Christy Pearce!


God has implanted a LOVE in me for talking about, meditating on and learning the truths of God.

It seems just like yesterday that I was just a girl with no vision, purpose or goals in life but to pursue the classic American Dream.  You know, you gotta be happy.  And get lots of money…or enough to be happy…

Anyway-there I was, and God showed me that He is Holy, and I am not.  He showed me that keeping a list of things that I think He wants me to do doesn’t earn me any status or favor with Him.  He showed me that nothing I could ever do would satisfy the sin debt I have before Him.  He saved me.  He has been doing a work in me ever since that moment.

I promise-I am not perfect.  You don’t have to know me long to figure that out.  I am anything but perfect.  But I have a renewed vision, a purpose, a goal…  I want to know the Creator that made me and make Him known to others!

I want to please Jesus, and though I fail, He is faithful.  He is there when everyone else goes home.  He is the One I will answer to.  Therefore, HE is the One to Whom I dedicate this blog, my children, my husband, and my life to.

AND-I LOVE to share the things that God has been teaching me!

I don’t take the privilege to speak or write lightly.  I know I don’t have all the answers, and frankly I NEVER will.  The truth is, the best things I ever say (or write) have already been said-in The Word of God.

In the end, I just want to share the gospel and how glorious God is!

Connect with me if you would like more information!



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