Meet me!




I’m Christy!

I am so glad you stopped by!

It is my hope that you are encouraged and challenged by what God has given me the privilege to share here.

About Me:

I am a follower of Christ and I have been gloriously saved by God’s grace! It is my desire to share the work of love that God cultivated in me by His Son, Jesus Christ.

I am blessed to be the wife of a man who loves the scriptures. He is following God’s call on his life to shepherd a little piece of God’s church here in the Midwest.

I am a Mommy to 3 little ones (plus a Pug). It is my heart’s desire to “train them up” to love God and the word of truth.

Life is CRAZY around here!

With kids running around half dressed, and spills and thrills around every corner, it is a miracle that I get ANYTHING written down.

More than likely you can relate and you are busy too.

But no matter what stage of life that you are in, you have come to the right place for compassion and love from a sister in Christ!

Connect with me! I’d LOVE to minister to you!!

Oh-and be sure to check out the “Faith Like Dirty What??” tab to find out the story behind my crazy name!! 🙂



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