6 thoughts on “Healing the Broken Bedroom Friday

  1. The first word that enters my head? Wonderful. Sex is wonderful, beautiful brilliant, fun, the best feeling ever. Every aspect of it is wonderful, its the empire of the senses, taste, scent, sound, touch and what I get to see. It’s the best thing ever for bringing people together.

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    • The easy answer is that my views of sex have been formed on lies and baggage. I am in awe that you (and others) would form a genuine response like you shared. None of that was anywhere in my mind…but I am hoping to have an accurate view eventually. I’m working on it!
      This article might answer the question in a bit more detail:
      Thanks for starting the conversation! 😊


      • Its not really lies and baggage, it an ethic formulated by a a religious caste who didn’t get married. The vast majority of Christian history the churches were lead by men who didn’t marry and thus had little practical understanding of sex and then interpreted scripture from that point. Look at Judaism and Islam, the religious caste gets married and (I’m a Jewish atheist BTW) the haftorah and tor’a have a different take. My wife for example who is religious takes one of the 347 laws very seriously, that s husband must satisfy his wife during shabbat. Her interpretation is based on the modern usage of satisfy. So Imams and Rebbe’s have a different take on things


  2. I’m sat here waiting for something to write silence often says it all I’m still coming to terms with facing my self and my wounded soul( which I thought was fine) note my procrastination honestly * pain* but what I do feel I cannot put into words I’ll try again later


  3. The first word that came to my mind is “love”. For me it’s an act of love with my husband. I had struggles in the past, most of which I knew were in my own mind. I used to think it was a selfish act but as I learned to truly love my husband the better it has become. I no longer look at the whole thing selfishly but as what it truly is an act of love. I’ll post an example in the FB group. 🙂 A little too intimate to explain fully here.

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