The Skinny On Weight Loss: How I Learned To Be Spirit-Filled, Not Food-Filled

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The Skinny on My Recovery as a Starving Glutton

It almost started all over again. I was at the gym for a weigh-in this week, and I weighed in alright. Each measurement that sized me up screamed the same condemning message in my ear: Christy, you are a tub-o-lard and that is all you will ever be. 

In the following goal-planning session, the coach asked me how I would achieve my weight loss goals. Of course, I told her, ”I will have to be disciplined and make good choices!” But inside my cynical mind, I thought Christy, you will be FAT forever. It doesn’t matter what you do.

In that moment, a familiar spiritual battle exploded in my head. It’s one I’ve been fighting ever since I realized I’m not a super model and I wouldn’t ever measure up—literally—to our culture’s standard of beauty. I was doing okay for a while, until being declared “officially obese” at that weigh-in. My spirit was thrown right back into the old struggle with food…

 Want to see more?   Click the link below to Shattered Magazine for the full article!!

Article as seen on Shattered Magazine.

Photo Credit Creation Swap, Elizabeth Spencer, Fixing Your Eyes on Jesus

5 thoughts on “The Skinny On Weight Loss: How I Learned To Be Spirit-Filled, Not Food-Filled

  1. Although I do not share your faith, I understand your message. It’s important to love yourself and believe in yourself with grace not destroy your efforts with negativity (although I know it’s hard). Thank you so much for linking up in the Sweet Saturday linkup 🙂


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