How A Stranger Became A Light In My Darkest Hour

25698thelove creationswap by wilpaul mcdonald

I admire her, and I don’t even remember her name.  Yet, Jesus—the “Name Above All Names” —worked through her to send a ray of beautiful comfort that cradled me in my darkest hour.

The days leading up to that moment were hard. So hard. Mom had been ill so long. But even though she couldn’t speak or do anything at all, at least she was still here with me.

I really believed I was ready for Him to take her. I wanted her suffering to stop. I wanted my suffering to stop. I thought I was prepared, but I wasn’t. And God knew it. He always has my back even when I think I have it covered. That morning was no exception…

Want to see more?   Click the link below to Shattered Magazine for the full article!!

Article as seen on Shattered Magazine.

Photo Credit: Creationswap The Love, by WillPaul McDonald

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