Prude and Prejudice: My Struggle with Sex

I have always been a private person when it comes to…you know…s-e-x. For nearly 18 years, this topic has been a sore spot and area of constant struggle in my marriage. I feel so alone sometimes, like we are the only Christian people with an ice-cold intimate life. If not for our faith in Christ, […]

Confession Alert: Doug the Pug is My Idol (okay for like Five Minutes…)

Hey friends! Here’s a light-hearted post where I bear my soul a little! Enjoy! ———————————————- So, never in my adult life have I wanted to be a dog—or a pug, specifically. But now that I have become a fan of “Doug the Pug” all that has changed. Doug the Pug is the Cutest. Dog. Ever. And. […]

Healing the Broken Bedroom Friday…errr on Tuesday?? OOPS!

Okay. So sue me… It isn’t Friday. I’m sorry! lol I could give you some excuses, but I’ll save those for the judge! Ha! I didn’t actually write a post this week, but I do have a little Vlog about some of the things God is doing! (And I DID actually record this on Friday, […]