When a Walk Through the Sisterhood Hurts Your Heart – Guest Post Over at Ask God Today


Today I am over with Brenda McGraw and our friends of Ask God Today sharing how God helps our hurts-even when trusted friends leave us. (And linking up with Grace & Truth for the first time in a while!) PS there’s a give away over there today! 😉

For it is not an enemy who taunts me—then I could bear it.” Psalm 55:12 (ESV)

I scrambled to fill the gaping hole her words left behind.

Blows loaded with phrases like “I don’t want to get together” and “This will be the last time I respond” shot straight through my heart. Worst of all, they came from my sister-friend—my prayer companion and accountability partner. With the flip of a switch, the closeness we shared blew away like chaff quicker than you can say “David and Jonathan.”

Those messages she wouldn’t respond to were pleas laced with prayer and hope that we’d be restored to friendship. But now, four years of hoping and praying later, nothing. If anything, it feels like the chasm only grows deeper and wider with each passing day.

And the shadows of what we used to be makes my heart hurt. @christylouhooCLICK TO TWEET

I admit it was complicated. Our pastor (and my husband) was all but kicked out of the church. There was intense emotional wreckage in the wake of his resignation. I thought sisters knitted together in Christ could weather the storm together, but she wanted to get away from the storm even if it meant getting away from me.

Truth: Our earthly relationships are never going to be all sunshine and pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows. No way. We’ll all have tough times, empty space and hurt. But I know this—God has enough love to heal our hurts and enough grace to fill our empty space.

I totally get David’s heart in Psalm 55 when he writes “For it is not an enemy who taunts me—then I could bear it.” He aches that loyal ones have turned against him. In the blink of an eye, my faithful friend turned away, too—and it was unfathomable.

But David knew his loving God would pull him out of the mess. He says this later on in verse 22:

“Cast your burden on the LORD, and He will sustain you.” Psalm 55:22 @christylouhooCLICK TO TWEET

David “cast his cares” on our trustworthy God to lift him out of sorrow, and as promised, the Lord sustained him. The Lord sustains us, too. My friend fell short, but the best friend I’ll ever have is Jesus. And it’s humbling. I’ve never been as good a friend to anyone as Jesus is to me. Not ever.

Jesus is the only thing that can cauterize our hurting hearts. Jesus loves us when we’re hard to love. Jesus loves us when we reject Him—even to the point of death on a cross. He loves my sister-friend the same way.

Sadly, there’s no happy ending for my friend and me. Just the hope that when Christ comes back all that’s broken will be mended. What’s lost will be found. Hurting hearts will be healed—forever.

Until then, I pray in the power that overcame the grave. I pray that my friendship will be revived one sweet day this side of eternity.

If you have lost a sweet girlfriend and want to share your story, tell
us about it below!


Full story originally posted over at Ask God Today, http://www.askgodtoday.com/2016/08/26/when-a-walk-through-the-sisterhood-hurts-your-heart-a-lesson-from-psalm-55/.


One thought on “When a Walk Through the Sisterhood Hurts Your Heart – Guest Post Over at Ask God Today

  1. Yes, I, too, have lost a close friend. I know what that is like – and to find out through a curt email – and that was that. It hurts, for sure. However, for me and my family, it truly was a blessing since this friend was sinking deeper and deeper into sexual sin – the depths I was unaware of until just a couple of weeks before the end – thus the ending of our friendship – she knew I disapproved. Thankfully, God heals. He binds up the broken-hearted and soothes the pain. Thanks for sharing on Grace and Truth.

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