STOP Trying to Fix Junk On Your Own-Three Tips on Fixing Problems For Good

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*As you read this, filter it as a conversation I am having with myself. I am sticking my finger in my own face, and you get to listen in. 
Stop it. Stop trying to fix yourself on your own And stop trying to fix others. You can’t fix what’s really broken without Jesus. Puh-leeeze gurl, if you tried to fix your biggest problem by yourself, you would do nothing but slap a one-way ticket to the lake of fire into the palm of your hand. So get a grip.

Let’s look at this logically. You have been doing the same things over and over again, and you’re still a struggling, hot mess. How’s that workin’ out for you?

Maybe it’s time to change. To really change–for good.

Repeat after me:

I can’t do this alone.

I can’t muster up what it takes to fix what is wrong in me or…

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One thought on “STOP Trying to Fix Junk On Your Own-Three Tips on Fixing Problems For Good

  1. HI…..Not that have any excuses but have not been reading your blog, as my best half is regular in touch with you but went to wordpress page today as I saw a site helping to stick my finger in myself and learn to blog. I am amazed what you can learn this way but only today I got a FB from a favourite American Worship singer that we are hoping Rory will join in October for a course of 16 days and who know may get time to visit. Anyway here what I got today…
    ‘I exalt Your Word, hold it in high esteem, and give it first place. I make my schedule around Your Word. I make the Word the final authority to settle all questions that confront me. I choose to agree with the Word of God, and I choose to disagree with any thoughts, conditions, or circumstances contrary to Your Word. I boldly and confidently say that my heart is fixed and established on the solid foundation- the living Word of God.’

    As I am a born again researcher into trying to fix myself, your blog helped give me further insight and except there is things that I cannot fix, no matter what research I find. I will continue giving up those thoughts, conditions and circumstances my friend suggests that are contrary to His word.
    Pressing in and Pressing On……..


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