Thursday Grieving Series: Grieving the Loss of a Grandparent is so Hard

I’m hosting a series over here for the next few Thursdays on Grieving. The original posts/series are found over at my friend Lisa’s spot- Me Too Moments for Moms.

Today, Lindsay is sharing about the loss of her grandfather:


On January 10, 2015, I lost my grandfather.  In two years and seven months I had lost all of my grandparents.  I was so angry and had such a heavy heart.  The grief that I took on was like a weight that was tied to my ankle and dragging me down to the bottom of the ocean.

Now I know I am not the first person in the world to lose someone, but when I lost my grandfather it was final.  The end of a chapter in my life was ending and I had absolutely no control over it.  Now I am the type of person who has control issues.  I like to feel that I have a handle on something, but something as large as life and death, how could I ever feel I would be able to control that?  Even when my family placed the phone up to my grandfather’s ear as I said my final good bye, I still was telling him that this was not part of the plan and he needed to just stay longer so I could have my one last visit that was only in one week.  Honestly that last visit wasn’t going to make his leaving this Earth any easier, but in the heat of the moment I thought that was what I needed.

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2 thoughts on “Thursday Grieving Series: Grieving the Loss of a Grandparent is so Hard

  1. Thank you for this post. I’ve been missing both of my grandparents lately (my Mamaw Rose & Papaw Jim). I only knew one set of grandparents. My Dad’s parents had both passed away long before I was born. My Papaw has been gone for 9 years {this June} and my Mamaw will be gone for 2 years {this September}. It’s still so hard to not have them here with me. I miss them both so very much. It’s especially hard around the holidays. We all have to grieve and it’s good to just have a good cry from time to time. I enjoyed reading your post.


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