Children Aren’t PEZ Dispensers (Though I May Secretly Wish They Were…) GUEST POST over at God Sized Dreams

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I am excited to share this guest post I was privileged to contribute over at “God Sized Dreams!”

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Photo Credit gosheshe

I have no greater joy than to hear my children are walking in truth.

3 John 1:4 (ESV)

 “People really shouldn’t get married unless they are Christians” were the words I just heard straight from the mouth of my 10 year old daughter.

I was surprised to hear such a dogmatic statement from her, but I was also proud of Jesus for working in her little girl mind. I asked her why she came to that conclusion. She said, “Well didn’t you hear the vows Mommy? They were all promises about following God.”

She was listening at that wedding ceremony.

She listens a lot of the time, actually. So, I seized the moment. I decided I would listen to her this time. We had a great talk about God and His design for marriage. And by the end of it, I was so encouraged by her.

I decided right then I should lecture her a whole lot less and talk with her a whole lot more…

Want to see the rest?

Pop on over to God Sized Dreams by clicking >>here<<!!


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