Grieving Life While Living – Guest Post at “Me Too Moments for Moms”

grievingI had the privilege to guest post over at “Me Too Moments for Moms” this week.

Lisa is kicking off a series entitled “Grieving Well with Jesus” beginning March 17! I will be posting those over here on Thursdays, so be on the look out for some great encouragement!

Grieving Life While Living – As a part of the Grieving Well with Jesus Series

My husband thinks I’m a hypochondriac.

I say, I am just “sensitive” to my body…

It doesn’t take much to set off a flame of unrest in me, like when I was pregnant-all three times…

I had pre-eclampsia. It is a scary condition, and it definitely puts you eye to eye with your mortality.
When the doctor visited my hospital room after I had my son she said something that will forever reverberate through my “sensitive” brain: “Pregnancy is the ultimate stress test a woman’s body can endure. You have failed three out of three times. You are at increased risk for heart disease and stroke.”

Well, tell me something I don’t know. I suppose my risk is doubled then, because pretty much all of my mom’s side of the family suffered with varying levels of heart disease and many died from it.

I know deep down that no statistics or family histories make my heart beat—or stop it from working—but, my humanity often gets the best of me.

The Mystery of Life

Lately, I have suffered from a myriad of symptoms and no one can figure out the cause. Many of the symptoms, conveniently, mimic heart attack or stroke symptoms which can cause DEATH.

It’s so scary not knowing the right way to respond. I don’t want to over react and yet I also don’t want to UNDER react either.

This past week has brought my mortality before me again…

Want to see the rest?

Click here to hop on over to Lisa’s place!

harness eternal

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