When Your Best Friend Says, “I’m Done”

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Has it happened to you?

You were once in the inner circle of someone’s life and everything abruptly changed. Not the kind of change where you just lose contact over the years. The kind of change where, all of a sudden, your friend says, “I’m done”.

I have had lots of friendships in my life and some were God centered, others not so much. This relationship was a special kind of friendship, a “BFF” kind of friendship. It was based upon mutual trust and community as believers in Christ. I never imagined losing my friend. I truly thought I had made a friend for life.

But I was wrong.

We both were weathering major changes and conflicts within our church body. My husband was pastoring the church at the time, when a small group of people decided they no longer wanted my husband to be the pastor of “their church”. This group was working very hard to accomplish his removal.

The struggle ushered in storms and tough times for everyone involved. As I surveyed the wreckage, everyone was working through the aftermath in their own way. It began affecting my relationship with my closest friend, who had been a co-laborer within the church. She was ready to get away from the storm, even if it meant getting away from me.

She was done with our friendship because the situation was too much…


Want to see the rest?

Pop over the Shattered Magazine, where this article was originally posted!


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Photo Credit: Creation Swap, GraphiteLight, Boaz Crawford

7 thoughts on “When Your Best Friend Says, “I’m Done”

  1. Such a heartfelt post. This particularly resonates with me as my one word for 2015 is reconciliation. Thank you for your honest words and sharing this at the linkup. You are a beautiful woman in Christ Jesus and it is a joy to read your words. God bless 🙂


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