Don’t Freeze Your Blessings

creation swap kevin carden red cardinal in tree

Romans 11:36 For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To him be the glory forever. Amen

While many of us just had a “thankfulness feast’, there were others out there who were just happy to have a sandwich. Because at least it was something.

I know this because of a Spirit-led thing my hubby decided he needed to do. He planned a Thanksgiving Dinner and invited anyone in the community who had no where to go or who would be alone for the holiday. That’s how we found others in need.

The turnout wasn’t what we were expecting. We guesstimated food for an inflated number of people. Then we had some food donations come in on top of our superfluous planning.

We had Thanksgiving Meal up to our eye-balls. We tried flagging down a passer by to give some of it away. We sent as much food home with people as we could. It was as though the food kept multiplying, sort of like the lunch that Jesus used to feed 5000 people.

At a loss and with no leads to who we could donate the food to, we started packing it up to put in the deep freeze.

We had one entire turkey that was not going to fit anywhere, so my husband listed it “FREE” it on our local swap shop on Facebook. Then the interest started to pour in.

We figured we could make four  bags of complete turkey dinners from the left overs. My husband delivered the food, which was met with tears of gratitude.

So don’t freeze your leftovers.

They could warm the heart of someone in need, and give them a blessing in Jesus name.


Photo Credit: Creation Swap, Kevin Cardel, Red Cardinal in Tree

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