Blinded by the Light



I was reminded of the power of our sun today while driving the girls to school.  I turned a corner to get on Main Street and, POW!!  That sunlight was like, RIGHT. THERE. in my face.  

There was no seeing around it.  I had to lean over in my seat toward a few trees that were blocking the sun because I honestly didn’t want to make that left turn “by faith”.  I wanted to see where I was going.  

In that moment, sitting there with that big bright sun in my face, the only thing I could think about was the fact that I COULD NOT see.  Even though I tried to escape, I was completely enveloped in the sun’s rays. 

I was forced to act based upon its presence, and my senses were dulled-no, they were overtaken by its radiance.

Isn’t that just like God, though?  And what better illustration to help us relate with His character than this enormous, bright star affixed in the center of the universe?
I am just toddling along in my life “blinded by the light”.  Yet, most times, I manage to find a few shade trees to get a break from the intense illumination of His glory.  I find ways to see around that overwhelming and blinding brightness so I can focus on the things I want to see.
I WANT to see and KNOW where I am headed.
But God just doesn’t give us that kind of perception to see the future events of our lives.  In fact, there are no guarantees except those promised to us in Christ.  Just because something is on our calendar doesn’t secure the fact that any plans we have made will come to fruition.   But His plans?  Ah, yes-they will ALWAYS succeed.  
These thoughts cause me to fall under conviction.  I am afraid when I can’t see the path, when instead; I should be unafraid when I see HIS illuminating work in my life.  
The trouble is that I am usually trying to see around Him or past Him in order to get what I want-and then seek His approval later.   
God forgive me when I do such a thing.  Help me to submit to your plans and your ways.  Help me, Lord to have the kind faith that is thankful to grope around in the brightness of your glory knowing that even though I can’t see the road ahead, YOU CAN.  
The bottom line is that God has taken care of our greatest need.  I don’t see the completion of that, but He saw it all from the beginning.  He chose me, He loves me and He knows what is best even when I don’t “see” it.
So, sometimes “not seeing” can be believing.  
Welcome to the definition of “blind faith”!  (Is there really any other kind of faith?)  
May God be ever increasing our love for and knowledge of HIM!
Written that the name of Jesus be Praised,

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Photo credit to Free Christian Wallpaper

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