Potty Humor-Who’s Number 1 even when there’s "Number 2"…

My daughter of 4 gets the most attention in our home right now.

Gracie is just in that stage that requires a LOT of exhausting times of teaching and working through explosions of the flesh.  I know it is normal and natural, but to be honest, I would LOVE to spend my time doing something else with her.

That is exactly how she feels about her potty.  She would LOVE to be doing something else.  So, she does.

At least now it doesn’t ALL end up in her pants…  I mean, yes, we find her wet frequently throughout the day, but that is not the one that gets me the most.  It is the “other” one.  You know, the not “number 1” kind…  To put it another way, let’s just say that Sigmund Freud would have a hay day over-analyzing her anal-retentive tendencies!  (Maybe that wasn’t so delicate after all?)

The funny thing about it all, is that I see a spiritual principle coming through.  As though it isn’t enough that people use “potty humor”, now what-a “potty” spiritual illustration?  Yep.  Here’s a potty spiritual illustration comin’ right at ‘cha!

As I look at her bathroom habits, or lack there of, I think of things like how her poo (sorry) is like the sins we want to keep close to us.  We are so determined to do what we want to do that we will run and hide just so we can keep those sins in our lives.  It doesn’t matter to us how bad they stink or how bad the mess is that we leave behind (pardon the pun) when we refuse to release them.

I also have to turn the illustration on myself.  That’s always fun.  Okay, I am totally being facetious, but we can at least agree that self examination is needed.  So here’s how that side of things plays out in our home:

I always know what is going on when I see Grace dart to another room-and NOT the bathroom.  She runs off with the intention of squeezing her backside with all her might to prevent the waste from coming out.

When this happens, I am so very disgusted and ANGRY that she won’t just retreat to the potty instead and get rid of the stuff!

At that moment, when all I want is for her to sit on the potty and do things right, God says to me “Now, Christy though you may not hold back your potty, you hold on to other things that I have asked YOU to let go of.”

There’s nothing that kills a power trip like humility.

Of course, I have to argue a little with Him:  “But God, it is soooo gross! I mean, have you smelled this stuff?? And the clean up is worse, and WHY ?? Why can’t you just MAKE HER DO THIS??”

Again, He gently leads me by His Spirit with the words of life He has implanted in me.  (Even some verses that I didn’t realize that I knew!!)  “That isn’t how I work; you know that.”  The Spirit calls up to my memory Proverbs 31:26, “She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue.”  Well, there you have it.  The greatest kindness ever shown to man is the fact that Jesus came and died for sinful people.  (Even little girls that hold their potty in and angry mommies who are react in ungodly ways…)  By the Spirit, I have the final word.  It is to teach her kindly and reflect Jesus even when my flesh is clawing within me to do otherwise.

I have to show Gracie Jesus as much as I tell her about Jesus for the gospel to become real to her.  It doesn’t matter if I am up to my eyeballs in number 2 or not.  The most important things are still the most important things.  Jesus is still so valuable and amid my struggling, I want to reflect that even when she is at her worst…just as He did for me when I was (am) at MY worst.

Do I always get it right?


Do I desire for my little girl to love the Lord with all her heart, mind and strength?


I am there to teach her and pray for her.  If I look at things the right way, I can even thank God for the potty issues that she has.  It is through each and every failing that we can reflect the strength of the cross, if we would just remember why and for whom Jesus came to save…

Even if it means coaching a little girl to do her potty business to the glory of God while reflecting Jesus as I wash her…errr, feet!!

Submitted that the name of Jesus be praised,


2 thoughts on “Potty Humor-Who’s Number 1 even when there’s "Number 2"…

  1. OH man, Christy, I can so relate to this. My three-year-old holds the poo in until it’s physically impossible for him to do it anymore. It is driving. me. crazy. Thanks for reminding me that even in these moments, there is a lesson which can be learned!


    • Abby,
      I am so glad to unearth an old blog (I need to edit it! Again! Lol) to encourage you!
      She STILL struggles-we have to tell her to go potty and she is in Kindergarten!! But it does get better! I promise!
      Hang in there, Momma! 😊
      Lord, help Abby see these times with her son as precious times with You! May she dwell in Your grace today and please encourage her in the way only You can, Amen. 😊 hugs, friend!


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