She Saw Jesus in Me

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Well, she must have seen something in me.

I mean, something other than all the nasty rotten things that make up “me.”

I don’t pretend that I am holier than she is. In fact, my 11 year old daughter Emily knows I am anything but holy. So, she had to see something much better than me to want to “be like me.”

You see, this week my soon to be 6th grade girl approached me and said “I want a blog.”

Emily has lots of interests. She loves Cute Girls Hair Styles, and is always trying something new with her hair.

She loves to bake. She watches “Cake Boss” on Netflix and wants to work for Carlo’s Bakery one day.

Emily crochets, knits, loves science projects and crafts. So naturally, when I asked her what she wanted to blog about I expected her to pull something out of the “favorite hobby” hat.

But she didn’t.

She said, “I want the blog to be about Jesus.”

I was pleasantly surprised and so excited that God is working in my girl–HIS girl.

But what she said when I asked “Why do you want a blog?” is what really got me.

She said, “I want to be like you, Mommy.”

I couldn’t help but think “NO. Don’t be like me honey. Be better than me–be like Jesus.”

But that is just it.

She sees me valuing Him enough to write about Him. And that is “not of myself.” By His grace He gives me words to share that honor Him, and the fact that I would even turn my attention to Him at all, let alone write about His glories is 100% NOT me. It is Jesus.

So, despite all my failings, He managed to shine through all the muck that is “me” right in Emily’s direction. Now, my little girl is starting on a journey of writing to share Jesus.

PRAISE GOD through whom all blessings flow!

So, I now present to you “Little Miss” (a nick-name given to Emily by my sister), and her new blog home

Little Miss Perfect-ed.”

And she has already inspired so many by this step. She has had over 200 visitors in the first 24 hours. She has also had over 100 Facebook shares! (That is more than Momma has had her entire bloggin’ life!!)

Would you consider sharing her blog with young people?

Emily understands and believes the gospel, and she is growing in her communication of it.

I pray that her obedience will inspire both young and old to share the Jesus in them with others!

Just like somehow, Emily’s Momma inspired her!

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2 thoughts on “She Saw Jesus in Me

  1. So sweet that she saw your heart for Jesus and you didn’t think she did! What a great testimony for your life that your “Little Miss” sees your heart!


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