The Miracle of Plain Jane’s Boring Testimony

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There is nothing “old” about the gospel-or boring!  This is a “re-run” of a post as first seen over at Shattered Magazine!

“Once upon a time there was a Plain Jane. Plain Jane didn’t have an exciting testimony. She wasn’t snatched from the jaws of heinous sin like murder or prostitution or substance abuse. Plain Jane didn’t have a jaded past or a sordid history. It was just plain, maybe even boring.

Every so often, Plain Jane was tempted to believe her story of God’s work in her life wasn’t miraculous since there was no huge, 180-degree turn from sin to God. She didn’t think her new life in Christ was what you might call “good copy.”

Of course, I am that Plain Jane. Sometimes I’m so in awe of what God has done in someone’s life, rescuing them from despicable ways, that I realize my testimony’s not so riveting. My story doesn’t include God reaching down and snatching me from the grip of what we consider scandalous sin.

Maybe you know what I’m talking about. Maybe you, too, think your story is somehow less miraculous, or not “cool” without unsavory past sins.

Don’t believe that lie.”

Want to see more? Pop over to Shattered Magazine at the link below!

Photo Credit: Creation Swap, Kelly Sikken, “Cup on a Window Sill”

Article as first seen on Shattered Magazine

13 thoughts on “The Miracle of Plain Jane’s Boring Testimony

  1. This is a wonderful testimony! I love how your (now) husband ‘popped you the question’ and invited you to church! Praise God how He worked in your heart through that service! It is so easy to forget that sin is sin. However, it is equally easy to forget that every person saved from sin by Christ is a miracle! Thank you for linking up Jane – you are such a wonderful writer and encourager! So glad I found your blog! 🙂

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  2. Ruth, I am so glad this was a blessing to you! You are too kind to me. ☺️ I can’t take any credit, for “what do I have that I didn’t receive”? I praise God He gave me a measure of coherency in my writing and a great editor. (She had my back big time on this one!) So, “my” writing? It’s a team effort. Always! 😊 I love your sweet spirit, Ruth! So glad we are connecting on the linkup! Message me anytime if I can minister to you/encourage you! 😃


  3. There are so many that feel like plain Jane’s. I am so glad that you address this. Many are afraid to share their testimony because they don’t feel it is riveting and powerful, but we all have a powerful testimony. Thank you for this! Love having you as part of the Linkup! You are a blessing!


  4. This is wonderful! God does extraordinary work with everyone even the plain Janes. I love the reminder that we should never take for granted that the work that God does is anything but ordinary. Blessed to be your neighbor at Jennifer Lee’s place today!


  5. This line grabbed me…”God saved me by His grace, and that is anything but ordinary.” You are extraordinary in His eyes. Thank you for sharing your heart. I look forward to seeing how He plans to use you in 2015. ~Renee

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  6. We are all sinners saved by grace. It’s only about what He has done in your heart and what you believe about Him. Our stories don’t define us, only His love does. Thank you for sharing this. Keep loving the savior! Happy New year.


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